How To Become A Paid Artist

Sketch of an artist sketchingThere are some people that want to take their love for art and make a career out of it. Although it may be difficult at first once a person takes the time to study a little bit about how to sell their art they can make great money at it. There are plenty of artist that are around that make a decent living from selling their art. It is important to understand that not everyone will appreciate every style of art. Some people like modern art, other people like most modern art, and still others like abstract art. The first thing that an artist needs to do that is thinking about trying to make a living at selling their art is to figure out with category their art fits into. A person that knows that will then be able to figure out which market will yield them a greater chance at sales. Continue reading


Art in Everyday Objects

Unknown to ordinary people, the world of art is booming. All kinds of art festivals are ongoing at any one time. Art schools are sprouting, and new forms and genre of art are gaining traction with following, viewership and sales. Commissions are also increasing, besides shows by artists and artist groups.

Art itself has become a less intimidating word. It has evolved into something almost accessible. More art works are closer to the people. From warehouse installations, temporary murals, street arts, folk arts and various music and art festivals, the art world is booming in so many ways. An artist trying to get his foot in the door, is always the important story. It is the struggle of an individual in getting his story and vision across. The artist presents a new vision, which is true to his own personality or close to his definition of the individual’s struggle. For all intents and purposes, the art is his statement.

Sometimes even the most mundane items have been infused with the spirit of the artist. The Bauhaus project, for instance, has had a lasting effect on contemporary art and living. It’s spirit still lives on and continues to thrive in modern everyday objects. Almost everything from chairs, to blitzers and music players have the underlying design aesthetics of Bauhaus. Braun appliances and Apple devices have followed the Bauhaus guidelines for so long, that there has been almost no delineation between their design sensibilities.

Even modern beauty devices have taken on the simplicity of design from these influences. The best curling iron is an example of the simplicity of design, in both form and function. The best curling iron for thick hair may not look any different, but it definitely works better for those with really thick hair.

Art has permeated everyday life, and everyday objects, in much the same way that folk art is composed of ordinary objects designed with whimsy and objectified with animistic drawings. In older times, it was not worth doing unless it was designed to look good as well. This sensibility led to gargoyles: water spouts which look like wild fantastic creatures. This has also led to wonderful renditions of dragons of every size and shape in a lot of disparate cultures. The inclusion of fantastical creatures in design never hindered the function of the everyday objects for pre-industrial cultures. It was a way for the artisan and maker to have fun, and for the user to enjoy the tedious task as well.

Modern art may start with museum exhibits and gallery shows. However, at some point in time, it would have to move forward to encompass everyday objects. There are a lot of ways where art can be incorporated in modern design. During the early years of the microcomputer revolution, circuit board designers incorporated the names of the designers in the connecting lines of the circuit board. There have been instances when logos were incorporated in the working design. These were not trivial tasks, and clearly shows the creativity and the genius of the designers.

It is expected that in the years to come, today’s art forms would be included included in the design or become intrinsic to the function of everyday devices, in whatever form these may take.


Art Curators, Critics, and Educators and Understanding Art

For all the starving artists in the world, there are a lot of other artists which are left undiscovered for the same basic reason: there is no exposure, or the exposure is limited to a certain location. It can be said that there are not enough middle men who are in a position to introduce artists. On the other hand, it is also true that there are not enough trained or qualified art curators.

Art curation is not only about organizing art works. It is also about understanding art, or art subjects and presenting them to the public in a way which can be better understood, and appreciated. There are a lot of other jobs in the art industry, which are not related to being an artist. Besides the art suppliers, gallery owners, educators, critics and promoters, there are also patrons of every kind which help support artists and the arts.

As much as math is everywhere, art is also everywhere. The appreciation of beauty is universal. It is only a matter of perspective to understand what beautiful looks like. This is where critics come in. They have an understanding of how an artists mind works. They know the process of creation, as well as the inspiration and motivation for an artist’s work. It is their job to discern why a work of art is beautiful, and why it is not. It is their job to know if it is a derivative work from some other artist or from as a variant of an artist’s prior work. In some instances, a critic understands a piece of work due to his prior experience with the artist. Knowing the creator’s history or body of work, enables a critic (as well as a gallery owner, promoter and a curator) to better relate to the direction the artist is going.

Like a ship full of used shipping containers, there may not be any way of knowing what these would be used for. However, if there was a sign or a way to find shipping containers for sale, then there is a better way to know what would happen next to these containers. In much the same way an art work is a container of a thought. It cannot be discarded because it encompasses the core of an idea.

The world of art is a dynamic one which grows in surprising directions. There is a lot of ways art is growing, and there is no real way to predict which way something or even some artist will grow into. Even schools of thought, or ideas, can branch off and give birth to other ideas. Deviations from one school of thought to another is not uncommon. This can happen with a group of artists, or even during the evolution of a an artist. Picasso’s Blue Period is a case in point. This was a milestone in art history because it was a deliberate deviation from Picasso’s body of work at that point in time. There is a lot of discussion about whether the Blue Period stopped, or it was just a phase, or whether Picasso grew out of it, or it lived on in his succeeding works. It would take an art critic, an art educator, an art historian, and a curator, to give a definitive answer about these things.


How to Add Art in Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

Art pieces can add charm and appeal in your home. However, you might be worried that gorgeous arts may require you to spend several dollars. It’s true that works of well known artists are expensive. Decorating your place with art doesn’t mean that you need to get pieces from popular painters or sculptors. There are ways on how to incorporate art at home without spending a fortune. Here’s how.

 Make a Collage and Hang on the Wall

This could be a collage of your favorite vacation photos, packaging of products that you find interesting or a collection of dried leaves and flowers that you found outdoors. Choose a nice paper for your background and paste the items for your collage. Frame the finish project and hang it on the wall. You’ll have a sense of pride knowing that you were the one who created it.

Purchase Arts from New Artists or Art Students

New artists and art students are talented and they produce beautiful artworks that you may love. Art pieces are often expensive because of the popularity of the artists who made them. However, if you’re after the beauty of art, the art pieces that you could display in your home don’t really have to be expensive. Browse the works of emerging artists or of students studying arts and you might just find one that’s perfect for your place.

Display Your Kids’ Work

Kids love arts. From painting to drawing, the work of your tot’s little hands would be amazing to display. Plus, this is one way of preserving the memory of their childhood. Put their works in a frame and place on top of the table or hang them on the wall.

Watch Out for Studio or Gallery Sales

Even galleries and studios have sales every now and then. Be on the lookout as this is a great opportunity for you to find fantastic artworks at an amazing price.

Your whole home is also a work of art. Careful planning and designing was made to build it. This is why it’s important to preserve its beauty; especially the outside appearance is what other people first see. If there are parts that need repair, have them fixed immediately. For instance, if the shingles of roof need replacement, trusted roofing companies can quickly and efficiently do the job for you. Don’t let these problems get worse as this could affect the overall appeal of the house and it could also cost you more money.


Cleaning Up and Repainting a Wall with an Electric Pressure Washer

In any major city of the world, there would always be graffiti artists. The most famous urban graffiti artist is Banksy. Unlike most graffiti artists, Banksy creates a story which makes his work relatable. The stories might be profoundly surreal, and brings big time media icons to the forefront. Art really is art and it can spring from the most unexpected sources. The urban landscape is filled with various graffiti artist, these are gang influenced and can sometimes go to uncharted territories.

Sadly, not all graffiti is worth the time to even look up. Those who make graffiti usually do not have any formal training and use their artwork in the same manner what dogs would mark their territory. Through all that, the letters and the style connotes a well researched typography. However, the lack of a story, does not go well into making a successful artwork. What it comes down to it, the style of urban graffito has been copied worldwide. There is no escaping the rhythm and rhyme of street art, but these typefaces used only copy, without a direction for the artwork’s story arch. These types of graffiti are better off erased or painted over.

It’s usually a lot easier to erase these graffiti. One of the fastest methods would be to use an electric pressure washer. The enormous water pressure pointed at the artwork might be able to peel off the graffiti before the paint has really dried off. To find out which of these can do the best job, read a electric pressure washer reviews.; Another way to remove the graffiti would be to paint it over. A welcome side effect would be that making the mural would be a pleasant experience.

Pressure washers are not just for walls, paint removal or even for car washing. For those with big lawns, they can make use of pressure washers. The first step would be to read up on an power washer reviews. These may have the same items for different power levels the list. The reviews would also be an aid in getting the most information prior to buying.

Another way to remove paint would be to sand blast the wall. This is usually not advised because it might destroy the wall. Other than unintentinally tearing down the wall, sandblasting can also be used for other purposes, including cleaning prior to repainting.

A wall with graffiti might need to be painted over after a while. Painting over the graffiti can be done, but is laborirous and would entail a lot of personnel. On top of paying the personnel who are tasked to repainting a wall, there is also the needed supplies. Depending on the requirement and where a graffiti was written, the paint might be expensive due to the volume needed. It is also usual that the area which needs to be painted over would need more than a single coat of paint. Cleaning up after some kid’s graffito is a sacrifice. However it needs to be done.


Passionate Artists Might be Prone to Varicose Veins Too

When it comes to varicose veins, you might only associate the disease with people whose nature of job is to stand over a long period of time. You might also think about those who work really hard outdoors. If you work on your own pace and indoors, you think that you are spared. Think again. The truth is that anyone has a chance to get this disease. To begin with, it can be genetic. Thus, if anyone in your family has varicose veins, you have a chance to get it as well.

If you are an artist, you might not really worry about varicose veins at all. Artists work depending on the time that they want. Most of the times, tasks are done indoors or while sitting. However, some artists could be too passionate about their work to the point that they have already pushed themselves into the limit. This means that they keep on working overtime. They also tend to avoid sitting down up until their tasks are done. For instance, painters might start out by sitting. However, if they want to get something done, they fail to notice that they are already standing over a long time. Sculptors also have the same issue. They start scultping while comfortably sitting up until they start to stand to get the job done.

There is nothing wrong with being passionate about your work. After all, art is about passion. You can only create something outstanding if you put your heart into it. However, if you really push things beyond your limits, then you have no one to blame if you start getting varicose veins.

Signs of Varicose Veins

You might have a picture in your mind about varicose veins. However, at the onset of the problem, the picture in your mind is not exactly what it is. The truth is that it can start by simple leg pain or numbing. You might even discard the problem as it easily goes away the moment you start drinking pain reliever. However, over time, the problem complicates and the veins start popping out. If you still don’t change your ways, things could even go worse.

Getting Help to Treat Varicose Veins

The good news is that it is now easy for you to solve the problem. There are treatments available to stop varicose veins from spreading. One of the most modern techniques is sclerotherapy. This is totally painless. There will be chemicals injected on the affected areas. The injection is just like the usual injection. It might be slightly painful, but at least you need to recovery period unlike invasive surgery. This technique will help in preventing varicose veins from getting worse and allow the pain to go away.

If you have questions in regards to vein treatment in Annapolis, you can visit here. If you need ideas on the best, spider vein treatment in Miami, go to http://sofferhealth.com/. You can go back to being an artist the moment you have solved your health problem.


Getting a Music Education Degree

For those who pursue degrees in music education, they believe that it’s what they were born to do. They live and breathe music, and want to pass on their passion to others through teaching. If you count yourself among those who are lucky enough to have discovered their life’s passion, and you want to explore a career in music education, don’t be discouraged by the prospects ahead of you. The outlook is a lot better than you may think.

Music Careers

When you graduate with a bachelor’s degree in music education, the door to your future is wide open. Contrary to what many people claim, a degree in music or art or philosophy does not preclude you from career opportunities. The fact that you have a bachelor’s degree means that you can apply for any job that lists a four-year degree as one of its requirements. Realistically, of course, potential employers may look for a degree that aligns with the job. However, since you do have a degree you will be at least considered for many positions. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let the focus of your degree make you feel limited in your future prospects, especially if you can’t find a job as a music teacher. After all, music isn’t the only subject you’ll study!

Of course, anyone who majors in music education aspires to make it a career, and there are many opportunities available that will allow you to make a decent living while doing what you love. Here is a partial list of careers that are available to those who have earned a bachelor’s degree in music.

  • Music director (camp, public or private school, theater)
  • Music teacher (private, public and private school)
  • Booking and talent agent
  • Musician (orchestra, group, solo, studio)
  • Promoter
  • Music therapist
  • Music publishing
  • Music historian
  • Sound technician
  • Lyricist
  • Conductor
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Film scoring

This is only a snapshot of what you can do with your music degree, and some of the positions will require additional training, but your degree will get you in the door. How far you make it through the door will depend on your complementary experience, and how wisely you used your time while you were still in school.

Internships, Private Lessons and Networking

The more experience you gain while in school, the better your job prospects will be post-college. So, while you’re in school consider giving private music lessons, or applying for internships through your school (or externally). That way, those activities will be added to your resume, along with your education. For niche-specific positions your internship could prove to be the deciding factor in whether or not you land the job.

Another way to maximize your time in school is to build a wide and diverse network of likeminded students and professionals. Once you graduate, that network is going to prove to be indispensable to you. You can utilize your network to seek out job openings and elicit references. Your network can also help you in any personal goals you may have of starting or joining a band, for example.

As a music education college graduate, your dream may be to pass on your love of music through teaching. However, if you’re unable to initially land your dream job as a music teacher, all is not lost. You have a wealth of opportunities at your disposal, with many focusing on music, including giving private or group lessons. Just like with every musician who came before you, paying your dues is simply part of the process. But, if you keep your passion for music alive, you’ll enjoy it every step of the way.


How to Rent an Office Space as Your Art Studio

Being an artist without your own art studio is really difficult. If you will just use your house, you might not have enough space. Furthermore, you will have a hard time cleaning your mess up. Therefore, instead of using a spare room in your house, why not rent an art studio?

This is a much better solution to your problem since you can do anything you want in your art studio. Once you’re done, you can beautify the art studio and use it as an art gallery. If you have decided to have an exhibit, you can use the same space. Thus, you need not pay again just for a one-time event. If you are already interested in this idea, here are some tips that you may follow:

• Check out the best location for your art studio. If you are planning to use this just as a studio, location is not really essential. You just need a place where you can work. However, if you are planning to use it as an office and as a place where you can do an exhibit someday, make sure that the location is accessible. It will be easier for your place to be visited if it is highly accessible.

• Make sure to compare all available choices. For instance, if you need an office space in NYC, you can go here. It is important to compare the choices so you will eventually get not only the most affordable office that has everything that you need.

• Check if the office space is fully furnished. If you need furniture and other equipment, then it would be easier for you to move in if everything is already there. However, if this would cost a lot more, then don’t go for it. You can just purchase what you need by yourself.

It might take time before you find the right place. However, when you have finally found the perfect place, you can go ahead and enjoy it. It will feel much better now since you can create your artwork freely without being disturbed or without the fear of messing up your house.


How to Choose Artistic Decors for a Storage Container Office

If you have decided to create an office out of used storage containers then you have made the right decision. To begin with, this is an economical choice. The price of offices out of storage containers, whether leased or sold, is a lot cheaper than building an actual office. It is also an environment-friendly choice. Instead of letting used containers go to waste, you bought them and have transformed them into something useful.

However, after deciding to buy a used storage container to be made as an office, the challenge is not yet over. The truth is that you still have to redesign the entire container in order to make it look better and more conducive as a workplace. In doing so, you need to throw in incredible works of arts or breathtaking decorations and the entire place will be transformed. Here are some tips that will help you achieve such goal:

1. Look for paintings that are captivating. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive. You can look for budding artists out there who may give you a more reasonable price for their work. Find something that captures the essence of hard work and determination. This will surely inspire your employees to work better.

2. Look for small statues of a certain icon. Ask the employees whom they want to be placed as a statue inside or outside the office. The piece must not necessarily be that big. It will just be there to serve as a reminder to everyone about the values that the said icon has upheld. You can also ask for a customized design if you can’t find the icon that everyone wants.

3. Go for customized lights. There are lots of companies these days that can design lights depending on your choice. They can also come and see the place to give you suggestions on what the best light should be. If possible, you can remove the front part of the storage container and replace it with glass. At night, when you turn the lights on, people will surely appreciate your office.

4. Ask your employees to design their own table and make it look stunning. You can throw in some cash prizes and other rewards to the winner. Just make sure that the design is in line with the overall theme that you wanted for the office.

Once the entire process is done, you will be amazed with the results. Therefore, you have to start thinking of ways to make your storage container office look better. You can check out online some storage container offices that have been transformed into breathtaking works of art. You can also do the same or even better.

For now, if you wish to find the best and highest quality storage containers in Long Beach, you can check this out. On the other hand, if you wish to hire a company to help you with mold removal issues, you can check out mold removal in Long Beach here.


Taking Care of Your Home Art Collection

Whether you are just beginning to build up your art collection at home or if you have been collecting for years, it is important to keep your collection safe and look after it. There are three key elements to looking after your collection:

  • Location

Where you hang your art makes a lot of difference. Never hang it under heavy or harsh lighting and never hang it in direct sunlight. Do not hang it over a fireplace or radiator either – both excessive light and heat can do a lot of damage.

Figurines should be placed in display cases or on shelves that are out of the sun and out of reach. Accidents happen and one trip or swish of the elbow can cost you a fortune.

If you have to store your collection make sure it is a warm and dry place – not basements or lofts as temperatures and humidity levels can change in these rooms. 

  • Keep it Clean

Use a soft brush to remove dust – not feather or sheepskin cloth as these can leave fibers attached to the painting.

Do not use chemicals, polish or sprays on any art – it will cause untold damage.  If your art collection consists only of paintings, get a professional in to clean them – the money it costs will be worth it.  For figurines, china and glass use warm soapy water, covering any holes in them with masking tape first.

  • Insurance

Insurance is vital for any art collection, whether it is hanging on a top museum or in your own home. Art is not cheap to collect, especially if you have chosen rare or high value pieces. 

Take the time to make sure your insurance cover is right.

Document and photograph every single piece including any maker’s marks or signatures.

Make extensive notes on the condition of each piece including the artists name and keep it together with the photos and bill of sale for each piece.

Keep all the documentation safe – a fireproof box, bank safe, even lodge a copy with your lawyer if necessary.

Look around and make sure you get the best deal on your insurance.  This is an excellent and informative site for home and contents insurance and will tell you all you need to know.


Maximizing the Use of Cloud Storage as an Artist

Cloud storage is one of the most popular forms of memory storage these days. It is cheap, efficient and easy to deal with. This is used mostly by individuals and business owners. Usually, cloud storage comes in various packages depending on your needs. Free trials are also available for those who have not used them before.

As an artist, there are many ways in which you can use cloud storage. You need to maximize its use since it can be of great help to you. Here are some ways in which you can use cloud storage:

• When you are trying to create a masterpiece, you need inspirations. In fact, you might have to travel to different places to take photos or gather documents that you need to come up with something great. When you have gathered a lot of photos and data, you need to ensure that they are not gone. Otherwise, you won’t be inspired to make artworks anymore. With the help of cloud storage, you are assured that no one will take away those data. You can retrieve them any time.

• Before creating the final draft of your masterpiece, you might have to draw the initial draft using paper or sketch pad. If you don’t want to lose this idea or for other people to see it, you can just take a photo of it or scan it then save it in your cloud storage. You can retrieve and print it any time you need it.

• When you research about several information online since you need the information for your work, you can place them in various folders or files and store them in the cloud storage. By then, you have the assurance that what you have gathered won’t be lost.

The best part about cloud storage is that you can easily deal with it. It is safe and has the ability to back data up. It also guarantees easy access wherever you may be. If you wish to check out the best cloud storage services, go ahead and visit http://www.amcom.com.au/products-and-services/cloud/storage-as-a-service .


3 Iconic Ancient Thai Artworks

Thailand is known as one of the Asian countries with the most notable forms of arts the world has seen. From sculptures to paintings to architecture, Thailand art has a unique quality in it that makes it mysterious and intriguing.

The following are three of the most notable artworks in Thailand which give us a glimpse of the richness of ancient Thai art:


The Kingdom of Sukhothai was one of the greatest ancient Thai civilizations that had enormous impact on the arts and culture of the modern Thailand. Sukhothai is now an ancient city that showcases massive ruins of fine monuments dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. These ruins show the beginnings of Thai architecture. There are enormous temples, Buddha statues, palaces, and many other relics. It is now officially called the Historic Town of Sukhothai. Because of its outstanding ancient splendor, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Buddha in Wat Mahathat

This is probably one of the most intriguing Buddha structure in the country. For some apparent reasons, Buddha’s huge statue head is embedded in the roots of a tree. Wat Mahathat is an ancient temple ruined in 1767 by Burmese soldiers who invaded Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam. Some theorize that the roots simply grew around the huge statue during the times when the temple was abandoned. This is plausible, but whatever the explanation is, the whole display is mysterious and somewhat creepy. Anyone who goes on Thailand holidays (more info here) should visit and see this interesting icon.

Wat Prathat Doi Suthep

 This Theravada Buddhist temple located in Chiang Mai Province is considered by locals as one of the most sacred temples in the country. The story goes like this: in 1838, a miraculous Buddha relic was created upon the instruction of a Sukhothai monk. This relic was placed on top of a white elephant. The elephant wandered the mountain for years until it died on the exact spot of the temple, giving rise to the belief that it is the “chosen” location. The temple is majestically placed at the end of a 306-step staircase. It has Buddhist sculptures and paintings and other artifacts.

These ancient towns and relics show the incredible craftsmanship of the early Thai artists and make us appreciate ancient civilizations all the more. 


The Largest Mural in the World?

Art fascinates me. It isn’t just about painting a picture, art covers many different forms.  I got to thinking the other day about large art – I wanted to know what some of the largest pieces were in the world and, in my research, I came across what could be a contender for the largest mural in the world.

The Berlin Mural

Painted on 20,000 square meters of apartment walls in Berlin, the mural is one of the brightest and most lifelike ever found in the world.  It’s a depiction of a nature scene, complete with wildlife, trees and flowers.

It was created by CitéCréation, a French company and contains pictures of bears and birds, even pictures of residents that are interacting with the wildlife.  The beautifully painted, colorful mural is certainly one way of cheering up what was a pretty drab apartment block, the Wohngenossenschaft Soldaritaet Co-op apartments, in Berlin.

A World Record?

The creators of the mural have now applied to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if their work qualifies as the world’s largest outdoor mural.  At the moment, the record is held by the Pueblo Levee Project, located in Pueblo, Colorado.

This is not the first mural that the 80-strong team has painted. In fact, it is just one of nearly 600 that they have painted across the world, including Paris, Jerusalem and Yokohama. They have another one in Berlin as well – the Fresques Flower Tower painted on yet another block of apartments.

Add Your Own Bit

The Pueblo Levee project is not the work of just one team – thousands of artists have added their bit to the mural over the last 40 years.  You too can add your bit to the Berlin mural. It won’t cost you anything to do it and the only stipulations are that it is in keeping with the mural and that you only use recycled paint.

If this interests you but you don’t want to travel all the way to Berlin in Europe to do it, why not look into creating your own. Once you have located the area you want to paint and gotten the correct permission to do so, you might want to consider aerial lift rentals – this is a good source – for those hard to reach areas.