How To Become A Paid Artist

Sketch of an artist sketchingThere are some people that want to take their love for art and make a career out of it. Although it may be difficult at first once a person takes the time to study a little bit about how to sell their art they can make great money at it. There are plenty of artist that are around that make a decent living from selling their art. It is important to understand that not everyone will appreciate every style of art. Some people like modern art, other people like most modern art, and still others like abstract art. The first thing that an artist needs to do that is thinking about trying to make a living at selling their art is to figure out with category their art fits into. A person that knows that will then be able to figure out which market will yield them a greater chance at sales. Continue reading


How to Rent an Office Space as Your Art Studio

Being an artist without your own art studio is really difficult. If you will just use your house, you might not have enough space. Furthermore, you will have a hard time cleaning your mess up. Therefore, instead of using a spare room in your house, why not rent an art studio?

This is a much better solution to your problem since you can do anything you want in your art studio. Once you’re done, you can beautify the art studio and use it as an art gallery. If you have decided to have an exhibit, you can use the same space. Thus, you need not pay again just for a one-time event. If you are already interested in this idea, here are some tips that you may follow:

• Check out the best location for your art studio. If you are planning to use this just as a studio, location is not really essential. You just need a place where you can work. However, if you are planning to use it as an office and as a place where you can do an exhibit someday, make sure that the location is accessible. It will be easier for your place to be visited if it is highly accessible.

• Make sure to compare all available choices. For instance, if you need an office space in NYC, you can go here. It is important to compare the choices so you will eventually get not only the most affordable office that has everything that you need.

• Check if the office space is fully furnished. If you need furniture and other equipment, then it would be easier for you to move in if everything is already there. However, if this would cost a lot more, then don’t go for it. You can just purchase what you need by yourself.

It might take time before you find the right place. However, when you have finally found the perfect place, you can go ahead and enjoy it. It will feel much better now since you can create your artwork freely without being disturbed or without the fear of messing up your house.


How to Choose Artistic Decors for a Storage Container Office

If you have decided to create an office out of used storage containers then you have made the right decision. To begin with, this is an economical choice. The price of offices out of storage containers, whether leased or sold, is a lot cheaper than building an actual office. It is also an environment-friendly choice. Instead of letting used containers go to waste, you bought them and have transformed them into something useful.

However, after deciding to buy a used storage container to be made as an office, the challenge is not yet over. The truth is that you still have to redesign the entire container in order to make it look better and more conducive as a workplace. In doing so, you need to throw in incredible works of arts or breathtaking decorations and the entire place will be transformed. Here are some tips that will help you achieve such goal:

1. Look for paintings that are captivating. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive. You can look for budding artists out there who may give you a more reasonable price for their work. Find something that captures the essence of hard work and determination. This will surely inspire your employees to work better.

2. Look for small statues of a certain icon. Ask the employees whom they want to be placed as a statue inside or outside the office. The piece must not necessarily be that big. It will just be there to serve as a reminder to everyone about the values that the said icon has upheld. You can also ask for a customized design if you can’t find the icon that everyone wants.

3. Go for customized lights. There are lots of companies these days that can design lights depending on your choice. They can also come and see the place to give you suggestions on what the best light should be. If possible, you can remove the front part of the storage container and replace it with glass. At night, when you turn the lights on, people will surely appreciate your office.

4. Ask your employees to design their own table and make it look stunning. You can throw in some cash prizes and other rewards to the winner. Just make sure that the design is in line with the overall theme that you wanted for the office.

Once the entire process is done, you will be amazed with the results. Therefore, you have to start thinking of ways to make your storage container office look better. You can check out online some storage container offices that have been transformed into breathtaking works of art. You can also do the same or even better.

For now, if you wish to find the best and highest quality storage containers in Long Beach, you can check this out. On the other hand, if you wish to hire a company to help you with mold removal issues, you can check out mold removal in Long Beach here.


Taking Care of Your Home Art Collection

Whether you are just beginning to build up your art collection at home or if you have been collecting for years, it is important to keep your collection safe and look after it. There are three key elements to looking after your collection:

  • Location

Where you hang your art makes a lot of difference. Never hang it under heavy or harsh lighting and never hang it in direct sunlight. Do not hang it over a fireplace or radiator either – both excessive light and heat can do a lot of damage.

Figurines should be placed in display cases or on shelves that are out of the sun and out of reach. Accidents happen and one trip or swish of the elbow can cost you a fortune.

If you have to store your collection make sure it is a warm and dry place – not basements or lofts as temperatures and humidity levels can change in these rooms. 

  • Keep it Clean

Use a soft brush to remove dust – not feather or sheepskin cloth as these can leave fibers attached to the painting.

Do not use chemicals, polish or sprays on any art – it will cause untold damage.  If your art collection consists only of paintings, get a professional in to clean them – the money it costs will be worth it.  For figurines, china and glass use warm soapy water, covering any holes in them with masking tape first.

  • Insurance

Insurance is vital for any art collection, whether it is hanging on a top museum or in your own home. Art is not cheap to collect, especially if you have chosen rare or high value pieces. 

Take the time to make sure your insurance cover is right.

Document and photograph every single piece including any maker’s marks or signatures.

Make extensive notes on the condition of each piece including the artists name and keep it together with the photos and bill of sale for each piece.

Keep all the documentation safe – a fireproof box, bank safe, even lodge a copy with your lawyer if necessary.

Look around and make sure you get the best deal on your insurance.  This is an excellent and informative site for home and contents insurance and will tell you all you need to know.


Maximizing the Use of Cloud Storage as an Artist

Cloud storage is one of the most popular forms of memory storage these days. It is cheap, efficient and easy to deal with. This is used mostly by individuals and business owners. Usually, cloud storage comes in various packages depending on your needs. Free trials are also available for those who have not used them before.

As an artist, there are many ways in which you can use cloud storage. You need to maximize its use since it can be of great help to you. Here are some ways in which you can use cloud storage:

• When you are trying to create a masterpiece, you need inspirations. In fact, you might have to travel to different places to take photos or gather documents that you need to come up with something great. When you have gathered a lot of photos and data, you need to ensure that they are not gone. Otherwise, you won’t be inspired to make artworks anymore. With the help of cloud storage, you are assured that no one will take away those data. You can retrieve them any time.

• Before creating the final draft of your masterpiece, you might have to draw the initial draft using paper or sketch pad. If you don’t want to lose this idea or for other people to see it, you can just take a photo of it or scan it then save it in your cloud storage. You can retrieve and print it any time you need it.

• When you research about several information online since you need the information for your work, you can place them in various folders or files and store them in the cloud storage. By then, you have the assurance that what you have gathered won’t be lost.

The best part about cloud storage is that you can easily deal with it. It is safe and has the ability to back data up. It also guarantees easy access wherever you may be. If you wish to check out the best cloud storage services, go ahead and visit http://www.amcom.com.au/products-and-services/cloud/storage-as-a-service .


3 Iconic Ancient Thai Artworks

Thailand is known as one of the Asian countries with the most notable forms of arts the world has seen. From sculptures to paintings to architecture, Thailand art has a unique quality in it that makes it mysterious and intriguing.

The following are three of the most notable artworks in Thailand which give us a glimpse of the richness of ancient Thai art:


The Kingdom of Sukhothai was one of the greatest ancient Thai civilizations that had enormous impact on the arts and culture of the modern Thailand. Sukhothai is now an ancient city that showcases massive ruins of fine monuments dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. These ruins show the beginnings of Thai architecture. There are enormous temples, Buddha statues, palaces, and many other relics. It is now officially called the Historic Town of Sukhothai. Because of its outstanding ancient splendor, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Buddha in Wat Mahathat

This is probably one of the most intriguing Buddha structure in the country. For some apparent reasons, Buddha’s huge statue head is embedded in the roots of a tree. Wat Mahathat is an ancient temple ruined in 1767 by Burmese soldiers who invaded Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam. Some theorize that the roots simply grew around the huge statue during the times when the temple was abandoned. This is plausible, but whatever the explanation is, the whole display is mysterious and somewhat creepy. Anyone who goes on Thailand holidays (more info here) should visit and see this interesting icon.

Wat Prathat Doi Suthep

 This Theravada Buddhist temple located in Chiang Mai Province is considered by locals as one of the most sacred temples in the country. The story goes like this: in 1838, a miraculous Buddha relic was created upon the instruction of a Sukhothai monk. This relic was placed on top of a white elephant. The elephant wandered the mountain for years until it died on the exact spot of the temple, giving rise to the belief that it is the “chosen” location. The temple is majestically placed at the end of a 306-step staircase. It has Buddhist sculptures and paintings and other artifacts.

These ancient towns and relics show the incredible craftsmanship of the early Thai artists and make us appreciate ancient civilizations all the more. 


The Largest Mural in the World?

Art fascinates me. It isn’t just about painting a picture, art covers many different forms.  I got to thinking the other day about large art – I wanted to know what some of the largest pieces were in the world and, in my research, I came across what could be a contender for the largest mural in the world.

The Berlin Mural

Painted on 20,000 square meters of apartment walls in Berlin, the mural is one of the brightest and most lifelike ever found in the world.  It’s a depiction of a nature scene, complete with wildlife, trees and flowers.

It was created by CitéCréation, a French company and contains pictures of bears and birds, even pictures of residents that are interacting with the wildlife.  The beautifully painted, colorful mural is certainly one way of cheering up what was a pretty drab apartment block, the Wohngenossenschaft Soldaritaet Co-op apartments, in Berlin.

A World Record?

The creators of the mural have now applied to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if their work qualifies as the world’s largest outdoor mural.  At the moment, the record is held by the Pueblo Levee Project, located in Pueblo, Colorado.

This is not the first mural that the 80-strong team has painted. In fact, it is just one of nearly 600 that they have painted across the world, including Paris, Jerusalem and Yokohama. They have another one in Berlin as well – the Fresques Flower Tower painted on yet another block of apartments.

Add Your Own Bit

The Pueblo Levee project is not the work of just one team – thousands of artists have added their bit to the mural over the last 40 years.  You too can add your bit to the Berlin mural. It won’t cost you anything to do it and the only stipulations are that it is in keeping with the mural and that you only use recycled paint.

If this interests you but you don’t want to travel all the way to Berlin in Europe to do it, why not look into creating your own. Once you have located the area you want to paint and gotten the correct permission to do so, you might want to consider aerial lift rentals – this is a good source – for those hard to reach areas.


Installing Art on Your Walls with Masonry Anchors

Are you having problems keeping your paintings on your wall as you use fasteners that keep falling? You have many options to attach items on your concrete walls but if you want something that is absolutely reliable and capable of supporting heavy objects, you may want to try using masonry anchors. This idea may sound like an overkill but it certainly gets the job done. It lets you install things on your concrete wall without the dangers of cracks and unsightliness.

These anchors can be made of different materials. They can be made of zinc, galvanized iron, or stainless steel. There are also different kinds and related products of these masonry anchors similar to the ones listed here. These include screw-in anchors, anchor sleeves, drop-in anchors, anchor studs, masonry plugs, drive anchors, safety ring anchors, chemset systems.

Fortunately, companies now sell a wide variety of anchors available in an extensive range of designs, colors, sizes, and types. You’ll have the freedom to pick the one that best suits the style of your home or building. Hooks with strong adhesive back surfaces will suffice in putting up small paintings and other flat art materials on your wall. But if you need to attach something heavy and fragile (glass framed paintings for example), you need more than just adhesives. You need something that can be buried deep into your concrete wall without causing cracks and other undesirable consequences. If you are putting up paintings painted on wood as the canvass or those framed with glass, you need a fastening solution that is strong, stable, and durable.

Installing masonry anchors is not difficult. There are many installation guides and tips you can find online. If you need something with a hook, it’s easy to replace the masonry screws with screws that come with hooked heads. Their screw sizes are usually standardized so it shouldn’t be difficult finding hook screws that would fit into the anchors. Also, it is important to take into account the weight and size of the object you will be attaching to the anchors. Obviously, if you have something big, you will need to set up a bigger anchor that can go a little deeper into the wall for a reassuring stability and strength.


Creative and Artistic Ideas to Make Attractive Pergolas

Pergolas are an appealing and functional garden feature. You can make them look even better by incorporating art. These typically permanent garden structures can help create greater appeal for a garden with their ability to unite the different objects around it or by creating an imposing look that serves as a center of attraction. There are many pergola ideas you can consider using.

You can make artistic looking pergolas through colors. By using color coordinated flowering vines, you can create attractive patterns that will make the pergola stand out. Growing vines will take some time but the results will definitely be stunning. Also, you have to expect a lot of trimming and other related maintenance work to keep the vines looking neat and as beautiful as intended.

Another way of making pergolas look artsy with colors is through the use of colored translucent glass or polycarbonate panels as roofing. This will definitely create something attention-grabbing. The panels can be tilted or some of them can be elevated to create beautiful color blending as the sun moves from sunrise to sunset. This idea is particularly great for places with ample sunlight.

Pergolas can also feature wooden posts and beams with intricate designs. Many post and beam for pergola sellers like www.softwoods.com.au offer materials that can be custom designed. Just be sure to come up with designs imposing enough not to be drowned out by the multitude of details and colors in your garden. Also, bear in mind that pergolas will be exposed to the elements so they should be painted or coated with something against the harsh effects of moisture and sunlight exposure.

Another option to make pergolas look even better is to use optical illusion. You can try something similar to the Ames Room illusion. This will most certainly awe your guests as they walk along your “magical” pergola. There are many designs you can try online. Usually, you will just need some paint and some spare boards or unused pieces of plywood to create optically deceiving depths.

Maximize the impact your pergolas can do for your garden or for your home in general. Be artistic. Be creative. Don’t let your pergolas be some shaded portions that take up quite an amount of space without offering anything noteworthy.


Stage a Successful Art Exhibit

Given the fact that there are more art galleries closing and lesser art museums accepting works from budding artists, a lot of them are forced to stage their own art exhibits. If you are one of them, then you are doing the right thing. You cannot wait for others to showcase what you have done. You can do something by yourself. However, you have to understand that staging an art exhibit is not as easy as you think. In fact, it entails a lot of processes. The good thing is that when you have done things the right way, it could really help you live your dream as an artist.

To begin with this process, you need a place where you can setup your works of art to be used for the exhibit. It can be a restaurant, an empty office space or even an outdoor area. It is just up to you on how you can transform the place to make it look like a real art gallery. If you are creating everything from scratch, you definitely need the help of forklifts.

This machine will help you move a lot of items that you needed for the gallery. If you also need to build something where you can hang the pieces of art, then forklifts would be of great help. Everything will be done smoother and faster if you have a machine that raises and lowers the items that you need to be hanged or removed.

Once you are done setting up the venue, the next thing that you have to work on is advertising your art exhibit. You can’t just work hard setting up the entire place and invest on beautiful pieces if no one can see them. You have to make sure that if people don’t buy what you have made, they can at least see your talent.

Rest assured, a successful art exhibit will be a stepping stone in achieving your dreams. If you want to buy used forklifts for sale, you can check this out. Take note that the item is expensive, and you need to find a store where you can have it for a low price.


Making Your Patio a Fabulous Work of Art

There are a lot of ways to show your artistry and creativity. In fact, you can just stay home and pour out your creative juices by tastefully decorating the different areas in your house. If you wish to make your house look really stunning, you might want to decorate your patio.

Patios have a lot of purposes. They are mostly used for relaxation or for family gathering. If you have a guest coming over, it would also be great to bring them to your patio for them to feel relaxed and welcomed. Therefore, it has to look fantastic. If you want to showcase your artistic ability through your patio, here are some tips that you need to take into consideration:

• Determine the type of furniture that you need for the patio. You have to measure the space so you will know exactly how many pieces are needed. You can either have one huge couch, or you can have small chairs with a center table. As long as it perfectly fits in your patio without blocking traffic, then it is good enough.

• Don’t be afraid to play with colors. Express yourself in the best way you could possibly think of. Think of a theme that you would love to see every day. Again, the key to success here is by sticking with what you feel is perfect for you.

• Don’t drag a lot of items in your patio. Later on, these items will just be an eyesore. Thus, you have to carefully select what should be included. Take a step back to see if you have already included a lot, or you still need more.

• Stick with high quality furniture. Just because you are prioritizing beauty and artistry, does not mean quality has to be sacrificed. You need to make sure that the items are of high quality, especially since patio furniture has to stand the test of time and weather changes.

• Make sure to have good lighting so that during nighttime, the patio will really glow.

Another way to spruce up your patio is by choosing a pergola. This will surely rock the overall look of the place. If you wish to make your patio one of a kind using a pergola, check this out.


Putting Up a Painting Studio on a Budget

If you want to take your interest in painting more seriously, a studio space is one of the first things that you should prepare, aside from the materials that you would need. A poor working environment may affect your performance, which is why it’s important that you choose the right place to do your artwork.

Not everyone has the luxury to get a spacious studio. If you’re one of them, you could still find a comfortable place that fits your budget. You don’t even need to find a space to rent if there’s a room in your house that you don’t use, like the attic or a room where you stock your old items. Clean it up and turn it into your very own studio. You may also earn from those old items by having a garage sale.

You can use the money for your materials or for setting up your studio. While its setup still depends on your preference, you may still find these tips in setting up your studio helpful.

  • Lighting is an important feature of a painting studio. You want to have a clear view of your artwork, as well as your subjects or models. Natural light is still the best source, so a huge window would be a great addition.
  • The spot where you set the reference photo or your subject has to be as close as possible to the area where you paint, for easier comparison.
  • Soundproofing the studio is also vital to avoid unwanted noise, which may distract your focus. This can be done by installing hat channels on the walls or using triple glazing glasses for doors and windows. Doors Wide Open in Canada is one of the top suppliers of high quality doors and windows, so you may want to consider purchasing from them if you need these products for your studio.
  • While soundproofed walls and windows prevent unnecessary noise, a surround sound audio system, on the other hand, may help in setting your mood before and during your painting session.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money for arranging your own painting studio. Make use of what you have or search around to find one that fits your budget and preference.


    Can Art and Plumbing Be Related?

    plumber-7aArt and plumbing may sound like two very remote subjects but there is at least one concern that links them: the need to protect art works from water leaks and moisture. In March this year, it was reported that leaky roofs caused collapse of a part of the ceilings at Huronia Museum. Fortunately, the artworks on display were not damaged although it’s uncertain how the moisture in the affected area would affect delicate works that may have not been protected from moisture. There are several other instances similar to this that happen throughout the year. it can’t be denied that good plumbing plays a role in making sure that artworks are protected from water or moisture damage.

    Leaks ought to be addressed as soon as possible. This is a basic for every household or building. Water can easily damage everything it passes through. Paintings, specifically, can be easily altered by even a little amount of water. Sculptures may not suffer considerable damage in brief water exposure but water can still leave undesirable traces that would require a cleanup or even a restoration job.

    To elaborate on art and plumbing’s connection, the following points are worth remembering:

    1. Paying for plumbing services is better than paying for art restoration services to address water damage.

    There’s just no comparison between the prices charged for plumbing and art restoration services. The latter is always significantly higher. That’s why it’s always better to solve leak problems before they aggravate and cause problems on your paintings and other works of art. You can inquire about leak detection costs and other plumbing service rates here. Spending for plumbing services can keep you from spending for the repairs needed by water-damaged artworks.

    2. Fire protection plumbing also protects your collection of artworks.

    Aside from ensuring that your collections of art are protected from water leaks and undesirable moisture, plumbing is also responsible for the installation of fire protection (sprinkler) systems. You can never totally remove the possibility of fire accidents, especially if your studio or gallery is in a building along with several other tenants. Bear in mind that it’s better to see your art water-soaked than seeing them burned away or irreversibly altered due to heat exposure. You can easily find plumbers or plumbing service providers online to have your fire protection sprinklers installed.

    3. Plumbing influences the positioning of your artworks. Obviously, you can’t just put your art collections near hot pipes used for your building or home’s heating system. Likewise, you can’t place your valuable art under tubes or pipes that can possibly enable vapor condensation and expose your artworks to water drips. If you are building a new studio or gallery, the design or placement of your pipes will have to be adjusted to make sure that the location of your artworks is safe from possible water leaks. Of course, the pipes necessary for the fire protection sprinklers are an exemption. They have to be where they are needed, although regularly checking them up is recommended to make sure that they are not leaking.

    The relationship between art and plumbing is of course a very indirect one but it’s something worth knowing. Good plumbing is a factor in making sure that you are providing adequate protection against water damage for your art collections.